I provide support, suggestions, and resources for clients to move forward to accomplish their deepest desires.


Do not hesitate to hire Jan to help you with any project. Jan’s professional, compassionate organizing assistance was vital to helping me recover from a brain injury and gracefully enter the next phase of my life.
— Marilynne from Lino Lakes, MN

Together we develop strategies to free your time from searching for lost items and from being stuck.


I specialize in helping college students
complete their Masters/PHD thesis.


I am a professional organizer and coach who creates a “shame-free” zone so you are free to make your own decisions!   


I truly believe “uncluttering” is a gateway to creativity.
— Jan Marie Johnson

Jan's Story

In 1995, I mentioned I was thinking of starting a business that included organizing, stress management and coaching.  A gentleman who heard me stopped by my office a few minutes later and said, “When are you starting your business? I want to hire you.” We started 3 days later and the rest, as they say, is history. 

I became a professional organizer and coach part time and then full time in 2010. I have enjoyed “uncluttering” all over the Twin Cities as well as Virginia, California and Florida.

I make no decisions about what items to keep or to let go. I work in the home or coach on the phone.

I help each individual develop their own personal style of letting go and then step out of their way.

I love watching people bloom as they let go of the burdens of unneeded clutter.